How it started - Battling censorship & banned artwork, to art on the blockchain



XSULLO was formed in 2015 on the fringes of the digital art community on Instagram.  Since then their art gathered an internet presence on social media, and worked with clients across the globe including MARVEL comics, Nike, Netflix, & Apple.  Their art is diverse, and explores different mediums from analog, digital, to AI; creating innovative and strikingly refreshing visuals, with a distinct recognizable style.  Thematically exploring, mortality, cybernetics, with a focus on how technology affects the human body on a personal or social level.  Though the success of their art comes with some drawbacks.  

Over the years it has been censored and banned on social media due to some of the adult themed content, eventually their IG page was taken down for a period of time.  But, fans and others in the digital art community such as BEEPLE took notice and helped get their page back up & running. Having that support enabled XSULLO to push forward, which led them to art on the blockchain.

Art on the Blockchain

In late 2020, XSULLO started exploring the idea of art on the blockchain, a place for their work to be uncensorable & immutable, to live forever on-chain without the fear of it being censored or taken down.

So XSULLO released a series of  1/1s on SuperRare, and other marketplaces. Then eventually on their own smart contracts using Manifold .  Their vibrant work made waves across the community, and since then have been selling their digital art.


Fast foward, in 2023 XSULLO & a group of collectors and coders came together to bring high-fidelity artwork onto the emerging Ordinals scene, using the Bitcoin Blockchain technology to inscribe and sell artwork on.  A new ordinal feature known as recursion was released  which allowed large file sizes to be condensed & inscribed.  Thus, releasing the LPM 1/1/13 collection on Magic Eden.  One of, or possibly the first hi-res animated Gifs to go up on Ordinals, using cursed recursive inscriptions, with Uncommon sats.  Overall this allowed XSULLO to get their feet wet in the community. 

In early 2024 with the rising excitement and interest in Ordinals, XSULLO decided this would be a great opportunity to bring more art on the marketplace & released a new Ordinals series Blursed Skullz as a 1/1/69 of individually crafted artworks.  Allowing it to be publicly purchased by enthusiastic Ordinal collectors.  Blursed Skullz ended up being a stealth drop, and was released organically on Magic Eden.

You can view the Parent/Child Provenance for both Ordinal collections here

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